Interstate 29, driving from Newnan to Carrollton

Whitesburg, GeorgiaAug 12, 20021 Comments

Whitesburg Police can usually be found just after the Chattahooche bridge where the speed limit drops to 50mph and at the Exon gas station where the speed limit drops to 45mph and at Linda’s restraunt where the speed limit drops right
after the small bridge to 35mph. and then again at the round about where there is a yeild sign but the police want you to stop and carefully drive around the circle under 15mph. After the round about you can speed up to 35mph for about 30 secounds when you hit the school zone where you can find the police visible during school zone hrs. but hiding at night. after the school zone the used car lot must of made a deal with the city to keep the speed limit at 35 mph. so you have a chance to look at the cars he has for sale because the sign says 35mph at one corner of his lot and 45mph at the other corner. The locals never speed up till thier out of town even if the speed limit has jumped back-up to 50. I wonder if the locals have just fallen asleep at the wheel before they realize they made it one more day without a ticket. I would be currious to know how much money whitsburg brings in with traffict tickets on that small stretch of road.

First off there is no Interstate 29 in the State of Georgia. GA 5, Ga 16/Alt US 27 pass through Whitesburg, Georgia. You do not have to stop at the roundabout except to yield to those already in the roundabout. Yes the speed limits drops to 35MPH coming into town at the car lot and goes up to 45MPH @ the car lot going out of town. If you have any questions please contact the Georgia Department of Transportation as to why it is that way. The CIty of Whitesburg does not set the speed limits on the State routes. If you want to know what the revenues are go the the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and search their data base of searchable reports. The data is there. Whitesburg has always been called a speed trap. Guess what the State of Georgia Department of Public Safety conducted an investigation into this on a complaint filed to them. The result was that the City of Whitesburg is not a speed trap under the laws of the State of Georgia. This investigation showed less than one speeding citation day was issued. This was in 1994. They again had a complaint in the mid 2000 and the investigation revealed the same results. The report can be requested under the FOIA with no problem.
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