Whitesburg, Georgia Speed Traps

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From the Chattahoochee River bridge to the north city limit

Whitesburg, GeorgiaApr 19, 20100 Comments

Local police will stop you going three miles an hour over the speed limit which is 35mph. They sit along the main highway SR. 27A/S.R. 16 at various locations.

State Highway 16 near State Highway 5

Whitesburg, GeorgiaJun 19, 20060 Comments

GA Hwy. 16 from intersection of GA Hwy. 5 to GA Hwy 61 in Carrollton. Actively patrolled all hours of the day and night. Officers are very hostile, any disrespect will NOT be tolerated. Pay close attention to changing speed limit signs.

Interstate 29, driving from Newnan to Carrollton

Whitesburg, GeorgiaAug 12, 20021 Comments

Whitesburg Police can usually be found just after the Chattahooche bridge where the speed limit drops to 50mph and at the Exon gas station where the speed limit drops to 45mph and at Linda’s restraunt where the speed limit drops right
after the small bridge to 35mph. and then again at the round about where there is a yeild sign but the police want you to stop and carefully drive around the circle under 15mph. After the round about you can speed up to 35mph for about 30 secounds when you hit the school zone where you can find the police visible during school zone hrs. but hiding at night. after the school zone the used car lot must of made a deal with the city to keep the speed limit at 35 mph. so you have a chance to look at the cars he has for sale because the sign says 35mph at one corner of his lot and 45mph at the other corner. The locals never speed up till thier out of town even if the speed limit has jumped back-up to 50. I wonder if the locals have just fallen asleep at the wheel before they realize they made it one more day without a ticket. I would be currious to know how much money whitsburg brings in with traffict tickets on that small stretch of road.

Junc of hwy 5 and 27 (16)

Whitesburg, GeorgiaDec 01, 20011 Comments

cop issues concockted citations for crossing one of two yellow lines in roundabout. If you get a citation request trial by jury and write a letter to the state about this use of traffic calming device to generate revenue! speed limit goes from 35 to 15 (illegal!)

Traveling west towards Carrollton

Whitesburg, GeorgiaOct 01, 20011 Comments

This place is absolutle insane. Its a 2 lane raod and the speed goes from 55-60 (im not sure. Immeaditly after you cross the bridge that goes over the Chatahoochee the speed drops to 45. On your left is a Gas Station where the cops sit. The station is closed and all the lights are off making it impossible to see the cars. The second you pass that the speed drops again to 35. All these speed changes happen within about 150 feet. You eventually come to a roundabout. The reason this is there is because it you are going 55 mph it would take you 1 min to pass through the city so the roundabout makes the cars slow down. Once you pass under the bridge you are usually in the clear. (On a personal note: I got caught in this trap when I was heading back to UWG, I had to go to court (which is a trailer in the back of the police station and No im not kidding) They dont listen to excuses at all and be prepaired to see the officer that pulled you over because I believe that the police force is made up of 5 or so officers.)

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