Interstate 80 near US Highway 113

Davis, CaliforniaMar 02, 20062 Comments

On the on-ramp from 113 to I-80 the cops use their laser and radar and give lots of tickets. I have seen up to 5 cops lined up on the on-ramp giving tickets.

CHP was hiding behind overpass embankment, testified in court that he could only see me for "a couple hundred feet", when pressed to be more specific, he said about 150 feet. I saw the front bumper before the lights came on. He commented that he only wanted me to be safe. It's all about the benjamins, my fine was $200. If CHP is reading this you can know that no trucker on the road respects you, they think you are a tool of the establishment, and anyone that drives 100,000 miles a year is bound to have some lapses and make some minor mistakes, funny thing is, if we drive like CHP, tailgating, sweaving in and out of traffic, cutting people off, there would be an incredible amount of accidents. You are not the only professional drivers on the road and your cocky and superior attitude is a joke, you are laughable excuses for agencies that are supposed to serve and protect. Self serving and protecting your own interests by generating revenue and justifying your existance is closer to the truth.
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I believe this could be a speed trap. However, I commute between UC Davis and Sacramento everyday, mostly going from the 113 S onto the 80 E or sometimes 80 W, and I never once seen a cop there. I've driven at all times, from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Maybe I'm driving at the wrong times but I've gone 70 mph on those ramps and have had no problems. Most people go that speed also.
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