Interstate I-10 near Interstate Fredericksburg,Texas

Fredericksburg, TexasJun 23, 20085 Comments

Just before the speed limit changes from 70 to 80; In my case they used a compact pickup truck (blue at this time) to clock me (79 in a 70). The officer in the pickup radios ahead to a marked patrol car waiting out of sight around a curve.

I live 3mi. from the speed limit change reffered to. This is more than just a speed trap, it is nothing short of entrapment. The limit changes ON the Guilespie co. line. I have found that by riding a fast motorcycle I can outrun the theives that work for the theives in Austin, and hit my exit and be long gone by the time they figure out what went by in the first place.
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Oh yeah--they get you because they have an 80 mph posted speed limit for vehicles and 70 mph for trucks, so you see the "70 MPH" sign and just assume it's another truck speed limit sign and POW! I got stopped there last summer and was traveling the same stretch of highway a couple of weeks ago and there they were, a quarter of a mile from the speed change, by the rest stop. I took my foot off the gas just in time. Though I must say, Texas has some of the best-looking cops in the country, it's no chore to bat my eyes and flirt my way to a warning, heh heh heh.
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You are correct about the speed trap, but it is about 25 miles west of Fredericksburg, nearer to Segovia, TX. I - 10 doesn't come within 20 miles of Fredericksburg.
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The problem is that people "assume" what they want without finding out the plain facts and paying attention to the very clearly posted signs. If it were entrapment, then Texas Legislatures and County/City officials would rely on the "prima facia" speed limits which no one ever reads up on. Simply, if its posted, its not a speed trap.
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I can’t say for sure in Texas, but in several other states it is illegal to use a private or maintenance vehicle for traffic enforcement.
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