Lake Cook Road

Buffalo Grove, IllinoisAug 05, 20081 Comments

West bound traffic on Lake-Cook Road just east of Milwaukee (radar sits at Riverwalk Dr). Radar sets trap in unmarked vehicle with emergency flashers, while troopers sit on other side of overpass waiting to pull-over speeders. Speed limit is 45mph but most traffic drives 55+. Road is similar to freeway at this point and safe at 55.

Buffalo Grove traffic police routinely issue speeding tickets for vehicles on Lake-Cook Road west bound . The location of the vehicles on Lake-Cook Road is actually in Wheeling, not Buffalo Grove, out of the Buffalo Grove police department's legal jurisdiction. Furthermore, the tickets issued usually only allow an appearance in either Mundelein or Waukegan courts, both of which are in LAKE County. As such, the Lake County court has no jurisdiction to hear the case. This is not legal advice but position related information from an automotive electronics expert witness. BG traffic officers routinely testify they LIDAR drivers at a distance of 2,500 feet. Subject to the information available, the LIDAR unit, an Ultrlyte 2020 model has a maximum range of 2,000 feet. The officers claim they can see almost 1/2 mile, a questionable claim at best. Hope this helps someone. Need more information or help Google "MrBFagel" and leave a message for expert witness factual advice.
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