Laurel Canyon Boulevard

Los Angeles, CaliforniaMar 20, 20112 Comments

Motorcycle officers hide in private driveways on the west side of Laurel Canyon, between Mulholland and Ventura Blvd. Some days there are only one or two officers, and other days there are five or six. It is easy to speed on Laurel Canyon, and that’s what they count on. Radar guns, and then a ticket, even early Sunday morning when you are headed to the bagel shop. Occasionally they also have one officer on the east side just about two blocks south of Ventura Blvd, to catch you as you speed up once you get past the officers dotting the private driveways on the west side of the boulevard, and you now think you are safe to speed. Beware.

I drive this stretch of Laurel Canyon every day on the way to work. The motorcycle officers are there frequently. Usually on the West side, but I have seen one on the East side too, just past the point where the road straightens out. Keep your eyes on the driveways, especially the empty houses with "for sale" signs. I have never seen them on the curved part of the road just South of Mulholland. I believe these officers are using Laser, not Radar, so beware. Is it legal for them to sit in private driveways to conduct enforcement?
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This is a definite speed trap and so unfair because virtually no one does the speed limit on this road. Actually, if you do go 35 you are subject the hostility of the person behind you. I got a ticket there last month. First offense=$347. Add $64 for "court fees" if I want to do traffic school, plus the price of the school. Contemplating throwing myself on the mercy of the court since this is a financial hardship for me. Today I did the same route and saw two people being pulled over. Yes, the motorcycle cops are lurking in the west side of the road, in driveways just south of the entrance to Fryman Canyon. Go Slow. As a tax payer and homeowner in Studio City this speed trap just makes me mad. When you call the police because there is actually a crime happening in the neighborhood or you need help you get the a delayed response (at best) or worst the news "we have no one to send." Protect and Serve LAPD? More like harrass and collect. Not a happy tax payer.
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