Los Angeles, California Speed Traps

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110 fwy fast track lanes between downtown and 105 fwy

Los Angeles, CaliforniaJun 08, 20140 Comments

CHP hides in the bus stations with radar guns. Watch that you do not go over 70mph.

Grand (Between 7th and 8th)

Los Angeles, CaliforniaMar 10, 20140 Comments

If you are going south on Grand (it is one way in this stretch) there is a pedestrian crossing with a traffic light which blinks red lights. If you do not stop and treat this light as if it were a “stop sign” you may be ticketed. The officer is on the left side of the road–usually on motorcycle. During afternoon rush hour I see him more often than not.

La Brea and Coliseum

Los Angeles, CaliforniaMar 16, 20131 Comments

Coming down from the hill on La Brea when you are approaching Coliseum, there is a motorcycle cop with a radar gun there. He says its a 40 mph zone but everyone is going beyond 50mph most of the time. I have seen him there on Saturdays in the morning or afternoon. He pulls on over and just as one car pulls off he already has someone else.

Grand blvd. South of 7th st.

Los Angeles, CaliforniaJul 31, 20120 Comments

I was making a left turn from grand into a parking lot. Grand is a one way street. I made my turn from the #2 lane and the cop gave me a ticket for making my turn from that lane instead of the farthest left lane.

Shortly thereafter, I saw somebody else getting a ticket in the exact same place.

Intersection of Hauser Blvd and Apple St

Los Angeles, CaliforniaJul 02, 20120 Comments

Rolling stop trap, consisting of at least two motorcycle officers positioned out of sight on either side of Apple St. Officers will inflate rate of speed on ticket (e.g., 5mph violation becomes 15mph violation, etc).

Make sure you come to a complete stop, folks. Zone limit is also 25mph.

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