N 52 leaving town towards Cheraw

Society Hill, South CarolinaFeb 01, 20130 Comments

Waited for on-coming traffic before turning left to follow Hwy 52 N out of Society Hill, downhill, a complicated traffic pattern, onto highway that appears to be outside of town and open highway with no visible speed limit signs. Passed a black Charger parked and apparently not occupied sitting at bottom of hill on left. Several minutes later, at what seemed about 5 miles further out of town, the charger drove up behind me at a leisurely speed with blue lights on. Officer (name deleted),(skinny, facial hair, apparently uneducated) asked me if I knew why he pulled me and I said no. He asked me if there was any car in front of me as I turned left onto Hwy 52 N, and I said yes, and he said I was wrong. I pointed to a mail delivery vehicle I had just passed as it pulled off to deliver mail and said that car was in front of me, and he said I was wrong. He asked me if I knew the speed limit and I said no. He said he clocked me on radar at 51 in a 35 zone, and I said he was mistaken. He took my license and registration and wrote me a ticket and told me if I paid $185 or so, I didn’t have to come back to court. I asked him if he ever wrote warning tickets and he was non-responsive. I asked to see the paper printout of the radar, and he said their radar units didn’t have a printout. I do not believe there was a visible 35 mph sign properly posted or that I was speeding inside a 35 mph zone or that he actually took a radar reading of my car or that he was even in the charger when I drove by, and I do not believe he observed me speeding, and that all he did was drive out of town to get behind a car and then pull it. If he clocked me, why did it take him nearly 5 miles to catch up behind me? This town needs a complete cleaning out of its government, and Americans should never put up with this sort of chronic corruption.

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