N.E. Main Street

Simpsonville, South CarolinaNov 12, 20073 Comments

Simpsonville Police regularly have rolling speed traps along N.E. Main Street from one end of town to the other….I was caught at 11:45 on a Sunday night…..Luckily, I knew the police officer very well and he let me off, but don’t count on that…..it’s rare here.

The posted Speed Limit is 35 and 45 MPH on NE and SE Main Streets, and considering that the majority of Simpsonville's Police Officers give drivers about 10 - 15 MPH OVER the Posted Speed Limit, would NOT make this area a speed trap!!!!!!! A speed trap is where the Posted Speed Limits dramatically changes from a higher speed to a lower speed with very little adjustment time or distance.
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I lived just off NE Main St. in Simpsonville for almost ten years before we got fed up with it and moved out last year. It's an economically dying area and city government is doing anything they can to make money. That place is crawling with police. I've seen the undercover silver Mustang, but they also have a black Mustang. I know. I watched that guy do dozens of tickets over the years, patrolling mainly at night They also have a number of older-looking everyday-type cars that you would never suspect as an undercover unit. Faded paint and all. I drove past one traffic incident on nearby Curtis Ave., east of the Clocktower, It looked like a used car lot and every one of them had flashing blue lights. My wife was ticketed on Curtis for going two miles over the limit. When she went to court, they were taking in so much money (cash only) that the clerk had to set up a card table in the lobby outside the courtroom to fit everybody in. And don't believe anything you hear about Simpsonville PD letting you go 10-15 miles over the speed limit. No way! I have ten year's worth of tickets to prove it. So much more I could write, but now you know enough. Protect yourself! Take H-385 instead and stay out of Downtown Simpsonville!
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There is no such thing as a "Speed Trap" in Simpsonville. There ARE "signs" posting the speed limit and law enforcement officers present to insure your safety and that of other citizens. I have lived here nearly 50 years and helped to build the police department into a modern, efficient, and professional department. Don't blame the police for your own disobedience of the law. Drive safely, and there will be no room to complain.
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