Simpsonville, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Northbound 385, Simpsonville towards Greenville

Simpsonville, South CarolinaJul 18, 20120 Comments

Highway Patrol is watching the Northbound 385 construction corridor just north of Simpsonville very closely. Especially the walled-off lane on the far right side that leads to Bridges Rd. and Butler Rd. An old white-haired badger pulled me over there for going 5 miles over. I personally saw him get two more drivers later that day in the same place. If you are going to either Bridges Rd. or Butler Rd. in that far right lane, slow down. The limit is 45 in a construction zone and HP is very aggresive there.

Holland Road near Ryan Nicholas Inn

Simpsonville, South CarolinaApr 02, 20080 Comments

There is a small cul-de-sac neighborhood on Holland Road called Vendue Court. The police sit in there and point their radar guns out to Holland Road. The speed limit on Holland is 30mph here but both sides of the street leading up to Vendue Ct are pretty steep hills. Lots of time you have to ride your brakes to achieve 30mph. Be careful! I myself have receved a ticket here. They like to post themselves in the cul-de-sac right around school letting out although I have seen them there at other times. Good luck and watch your speed!

N.E. Main Street

Simpsonville, South CarolinaNov 12, 20073 Comments

Simpsonville Police regularly have rolling speed traps along N.E. Main Street from one end of town to the other….I was caught at 11:45 on a Sunday night…..Luckily, I knew the police officer very well and he let me off, but don’t count on that…’s rare here.

Davenport Road near Calvary Baptist Church

Simpsonville, South CarolinaAug 07, 20071 Comments

Cops like to hang out in the parking lots of Calvary Baptist Church on Davenport Rd. There is a hill that you drive over where you cannot see the cops until you come over the hill.

West Georgia Road near Exit Number 29

Simpsonville, South CarolinaJan 28, 20075 Comments

Simpsonville S.C. is a suburb of Greenville S.C. While I have not received a ticket, I have noticed several people who have. Simpsonville utilizes at least two unmarked vehicles. A silver Mustang and a dark blue Camaro. They are often on W. Georgia Rd. and particularly on the two frontage roads in either side of I-385, which run between W. Georgia and Fairview Rd. A small town that utilizes unmarked vehicles to enforce traffic laws just screams "speed trap". The speed limit on these frontage roads is 35 mph. The steep decline on the roads often results in cars going over the speed limit. Simpsonville also utilizes a Mayor’s Court. Friends tell me the Mayor’s court tells offenders if they plead guilty and pay the fine (ridiculously high fines of $200.00 for 5 – 7 mph over the speed limit), the court will not put points on their driving record. Again..this tactic just screams "speed trap" and if not, it should be against the law.

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