N. Rhett, and entire city

Hanahan, South CarolinaApr 20, 20022 Comments

Hanahan is a small city which generates alot of revenue through traffic tickets. They work out a deal with you which is great for them, and not too bad (as a ticket goes) for you. They write you a ticket for "Careless operation" not the original charge, such as Speeding, Running stop sign, Illegal passing, etc… It is no points, so insurance companies don’t pay much attention. The bad, or good for the city, part is that all of the money stays in the city, It is a city law, not a state charge. If you are like me, before I stopped to think about it, you could not care less who gets the money you pay. But, stop and think. If they get more money per ticket, they will be more likely to write tickets, not warnings. I was written a ticket by an officer and I am sure he would have given me a warning, if he did not stand to profit from writing a ticket. I can’t believe he wrote me a ticket for suh a petty thing anyway. I was only going 75 on what looks like an interstate (N. Rhett). When they started the "careless operation" thing, they dropped the speed limit on N. Rhett to 40, so they could make more money. I hope he does not get a new car or anything for writing so many Carless operation tickets. I hope he has to drive the same car until he retires. They didn’t even give him lights on top of the car. Just one Barney Fife light on the dash!

A careless operation ticket is written in Hanahan to save the ticketer. There is no reason to alway's write a pointed speeding ticket if you are cooperative and respectfull to the officer. Act up, and I promise you, you'll get a ticket for the broken tail-lights, the speeding, the no seatbelt, the tires being too bald and everything else. But then again, that's just not the small department of Hanahan, that's anywhere.
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Just curious here. Yes I am a former HPD officer, but to the OP, by your own admision you were doing 75 presumably in the 55 area of North Rhett which on any highway in SC can be cited as Reckless Driving, why would you complain about a no points violation vs a high point violation, higher fine, and insurance increase? Whatever the case, its no secret Hanahan is a heavily enforced city and its not just traffic, so if you are concerned that your speeding or other infractions will get caught then maybe avoid the city?
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