N.W. Expressway & McArthur Avenue through Britton Road

N.W. Expressway & McArthur Avenue through Britton Road, OklahomaAug 03, 20170 Comments

You have just approached the N.W.Expressway light heading North off of McArthur Avenue. The light has now changed green. You are proceeding to move forward & you are going a steady pace, approximately 30 MPH. Now, you are driving & concentrating on the road, because you see that there are other lanes on the side of you & you have to stay focused. From out of no-where, there’s a sign with clear Christmas tree like lights around it on your right. Within a couple of feet you pass a normal sign that say 40 MPH. I then adjust my speed accordingly to 40 MPH. Suddenly, you here a siren & lights are on you. The cop on a motorcycle tells you that you were going over 40 MPH . I was going 40 MPH because that was the specified speed that the sign showed. I saw that particular (normal) sign without any problem. You are going 40 MPH, the officers are using the 30 MPH sign as a speed trap to ticket you for going 30 MPH. Because they know that 30 MPH sign will easily not be seen. It’s only a few feet from the 40 MPH sign. It’s close to where the right lane ends. I strongly feel that the 30 MPH Christmas Tree Like Light flashing sign is used to trap innocent people like myself. They know that particular sign is easily passed because you are going at a steady pace from stopping at the NW Expwy light. The NW Expwy light has now changed green and you proceed forward . That 30 MPH Christmas Lighted sign can’t help but to accidentally “not be seen” unless you are looking to your right. Another vehicle was exiting over for you to let him in because he is in a lane that was ending.Therefore, as I allowed him in, that Christmas Light like sign was not seen. Even if the other vehicle wasn’t changing lanes, that light would easily not be seen. Unless you are looking to the right at the moment that you are in that particular area where that sign is located. The police know that the odds of that sign not being seen is strong and is depended on what lane you are in at the time & how much traffic is there. Because the lane that is running out blocks the other drivers view of seeing that sign when they are watching you, and letting you in so that you don’t cause an accident. This is so wrong !
As I passed that particular light. Plus, it’s in the wrong spot. So, that is the easy way to ticket innocent people with that 30 MPH trap light sign.

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