NE 60th & I-84

Portland, OregonOct 04, 20111 Comments

Photo radar, there again on Oct 4, 2011,
25 mph speed limit on Freeway on-ramp. A sucker trap.
He’s there almost every week. He was there the week of Sep 20, 2011 & Jun 14, 2011 that I know for sure.
Watch out.

It is more than a trap IT IS ILLEGAL The 25 mph speed limit is illegally posted but I do not know if the City of Portland is aware of this. Here are the facts: The average daily traffic volume on Willow just east of 60th is appx. 6000 vehicles. About 5750 of these vehicles enter the on-ramp. The definition of an arterial according to the Oregon Vehicle Code is "a highway that is used primarily by through traffic" The definition of a highway is "every public way, road, street, thoroughfare and place, including bridges, viaducts and other structures within the boundaries of this state, open, used or intended for use of the general public for vehicles or vehicular traffic as a matter of right" THEREFORE, Willow between 60th and the on-ramp is an "arterial" (95% of the traffic on Willow is through traffic) regardless of what the City wants to call it. It functions as an arterial and should be classified as an arterial. Having said that, the vehicle code also says that the statutory speed limit in a residential district is 25 mph if the highway is not an arterial highway. And, since this road is an arterial based on the vehicle code's own definition of an arterial, then the City may not legally enforce the posted 25 mph speed limit without an engineering investigation which they do not have because they quote the statutory speed limit law of a residence district when justifying the posted 25 mph limit. By the way the Oregon Transportation Map that shows functional classification of the roads does not even show the on ramp at Willow. Bottom line, this road quacks like an arterial, walks like an arterial, and functions like an arterial, therefore it must be an arterial. Shame on Portland for not following the Laws printed in the Oregon Vehicle Code. The argument of the on-ramp alone is not enough in this case. I hope that everyone will use this argument when they challenge these tickets in court.
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