Portland, Oregon Speed Traps

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Westbound Morrison Bridge construction lane

Portland, OregonDec 28, 20220 Comments

There’s no posted speed limit where the trap is, but there is a trap that flashes when you pass the construction site. If you fail to slow down to 25 on the bridge the trap goes off.

Photo radar at south sign for Linnton

Portland, OregonOct 11, 20220 Comments

the entire stretch of hwy 30 through Linnton is a speed trap, but the cops have gotten sneakier.

they put the photo radar (with no current speed indicator) on the south side of town, on the side of the road opposite of where the Linnton fish sign is. There’s no posted speed sign on the southbound side, only on the northbound side.

So just when you finally think you’re getting to the 45 zone and speed up a little, you get a ticket.

NE Weidler @ 10700 BLK (WEST)

Portland, OregonMar 02, 20200 Comments

Speed trap van… Aprox 1 block away from speed trap van, there is a 30MPH sign.. Then 1 block later, a 20MPH sign and a speed van. This is blatant entrapment.

Division St and SE 148th Ave

Portland, OregonJun 01, 20170 Comments

There is a school there and it looks like a church and it’s right at the end of the intersection so it’s very easy to miss the 20 mph speed limit sign (heading towards Division) that is tucked under the tree and you go that slow for like ten seconds and then it’s 35 again right before the red light. I got a ticket for this by the traffic photo camera because I didn’t not notice the school nor the speed limit sign. But when you turn on 148th Ave from Division, you then see the 20 mph sign that is right at the end of the intersection and then ten seconds later it’s 35 mph. So remember to always go 20 when you get to the church even if you don’t see the sign heading towards Division.

On Cedar Hills Blvd, between Butner Road and Walker road,

Portland, OregonMar 30, 20170 Comments

Heavy police presence both by motorcycle and patrol cars, and also van with camera and radar parked on side of street ( Cedar Hills Blvd). Road speed
used to be 45 mph, but has been reduced to 35 mph.

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