Near Benton BP station

Benton, TennesseeJul 05, 20170 Comments

Received a ticket on the 4th of July weekend in the wonderful town of Benton TN. Did a quick google search on speed traps and what do you know good ole Benton pops right up. We were on our way back to FL. From spending the week in Pigeon Forge and decided to take 411 home to not deal with the interstate traffic. Everything was going good 4 kids in the mini van cruising along my son says dad I have to stop and as I was looking back to tell him we are going to stop I guess I missed the speed limit sudden drop from 55 to 40 in the big four lane divided hwy. My wife says your getting pulled over, I pull over in a gas station parking lot, Barney Fife walks up and asks for my license and insurance. I say we are looking for a bathroom for my son, and he says well you just passed a gas station. My blood starts to rise because I immediately know what’s about to happen. I ask what do you need he says “well you were going 62 in a 40” I said oh so its not 55 anymore he says no, asks if I have a pretty good driving record I say yes and he goes back to his car. Within 3 minutes he was back at my window and starts acting like he is selling me a car. Well I am only going to put you were going 51 in a 62, I interrupt him and say you are seriously writing me a ticket, he looks dumbfounded as if I am supposed to be thankful I am not going to jail for endangering the lives of all the citizens in Benton. I said there isn’t a car on that road going 40 mph and show him my license and say this is the reason you are giving me a ticket, he just says not uh. So I sign the ticket tell him this is pathetic he continues to ramble on with his rehearsed little mantra, as I roll up the window and drive off. I am a safe driver haven’t had a ticket in over a decade, fully support our men in blue, but this is beyond ridiculous and I so don’t want to pay this ticket. I would rather give an attorney money then give Benton a dime. Speeding trap or not its shady they know its wrong and you are just messing with people not doing anything other than trying to get home. I will never travel 411 again.

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