New Kings Rd. Southbound 1/8 mile from 295 overpass

Jacksonville, FloridaJun 01, 20202 Comments

JSO Motorcycle cop 1 bike and sometimes 3 bikes, I live right close to where they park, they park on side of road in front of sunny pines rv park, they are parked under some tree branches, they have laser, they don’t even put down their kickstand, they can give 7 to 10 tickets an hour times 3 of them, so when you exit off 295 or coming from the north or trout river blvd area be careful, the same group also parks down further near moncrief, they have been there in the afternoon at 5 till 8 at night or in the morning at 8, they are there once a week. they are bringing in thousands of dollars

whats up with these clowns, they trying to look like chips on tv with the knee high boots, my girlfriend laughs everytime she sees a motor cop and says nice boots nancy boy, they have those mom pants skin tight and the small beer gut, i think they have a complex about their bodies, its a riot, and those old man motorcycles noisy pieces of crap, get a real bike one that goes faster than 90 and doesnt shake and rattle you to death going 95, i feel the same quit writing tickets to the poorest people in town, they might have to choose to eat or pay a stupid ticket, does it make you more of a man to write tickets, i speed all the time but i am smarter than motorcycle cops, i speed when it is safe, most places they radar the speed limit has been engineered to the wrong speed, down in parts of nicaragua you give someone a ticket you would get shot and your body would lay there and rot, cops are not liked, there are very few traffic laws, people drive on the sidewalks there hey no problem the way i see it, pedestrians look out
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Live close by and documented dates these motocycle cops are here using Laser, sometimes ther are 5 of them there, dates I have seen are 6-12, 6-18, 6-26, 7-1, 7-2, 7-18, 7-21 all in 2020, not sure what their limits are on speed, I love it when it starts lightning and raining they scramble like cockroaches.
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