North Highland and Paris drive on 79

McKenzie, TennesseeJul 05, 20113 Comments

They must have a new way to collect a tax on us. A mobile speed unit is used there. Well, I used to go through there each weekend going to the lake and bought quite a bit of gas there (100 gal at a time) and shopped at Rural King. NO MORE. Well it is just as easy to go another way, to the lake, which I will from now on. And I will take Bethel out of my will.

If you can bypass this town, that is what I do now. I also don't spend any money in this town since the ticket. I went back once to see where the speed limit sign was, I am still looking.
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Had a recent trip to Millington TN, drove hyw 79 through Mckinzie, got an "automated" speeding ticket at Paris Ave and hyw 79 on my way to Millington and, also on the return trip , yes, both ways at the same location, Paris Ave and Hyw 79 . No obvious indication of speed limit change to 40 MPH! or warning of camera. So, yes, this is a true example of a perfect speed trap for the purpose of generating funds. I do not live close to McKenzie and have no reasonable way to fight this. I will be driving through the area again in March, and will investigate at that point, otherwise I will always avoid the town of McKenzie. I make regular trips to Millington TN, so McKenzie, has my complete attention, after two $50 tickets, you're welcome McKenzie, enjoy!
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Andy Holt March 17 at 9:24am · Friends, let me borrow your attention for a second. You'll want to read this... Whether or not you like traffic cameras doesn't particularly matter in this conversation. What does matter is that multimillion dollar companies are literally threatening & lying to Tennesseans every single day. Tennessee state law is very clear; not paying a photo-enforced citation cannot adversely affect your credit score, your drivers license points or increase your car insurance rates. Period. Why then do people call my office telling me they are being told that their credit will take a hit if they don't pay their citations? Why do people tell me, nearly every day, they are being told that they may lose their license? Why are people being told their insurance rates will go up if they don't pay these coercive "citations"? The answer: people are subject to the threats of these companies, and are not being informed of their rights! This is why I introduced House Bill 2510 to mandate that all photo-enforcement citations include the following statement in big bold lettering: "Non-payment of this citation cannot have a negative impact on your credit score, drivers license or car insurance rates." You wouldn't think anyone would have a problem with informing people of their rights and the law. Today, by the looks of the co-sponsor list, many legislators are actually VERY supportive of informing YOU of your RIGHTS! However, wouldn't you know that the cities who use these cameras are complaining that simply informing people of the law will cause them to lose tens of thousands of dollars in revenue -- the primary purpose of these cameras. Let me repeat that: Informing people of their rights and telling them the law (so that citizens cannot be tricked) will cause these cities to lose tens of thousands of dollars. Too bad... Is that not the most disgusting thing you've ever heard? They are literally admitting that the only way they make all this money is by lying to people and tricking them into paying these "citations." Last night, one of the lobbyists getting paid to protect the traffic camera companies approached me to scream & curse at me for a good five minutes. She wanted to make a scene, and boy did she. Apparently, they don't want Tennesseans to be aware of the laws that currently protect them from the practices of these companies. If my bill is passed, camera companies will no longer have the ability to deceive an 80-year-old woman living on a fixed income who calls my office terrified that she won't be able to get to the doctor, because an agent from one of these companies said they are going to take her license away if she didn't pay a ticket -- a ticket she can't afford! I tell you what, I've never seen such a lack of professionalism as I did last night when this lobbyist made a huge scene in front of an entire crowd of my peers. Those actions only reflect the sentiments of her employer. Big mistake. As a result, today I'm proud to report that so many legislators are now seeing this legislation in a favorable way, and co-sponsoring my bill so that these companies can no longer lie to and manipulate Tennesseans! Ask your state lawmakers to support HB 2510/SB 2492. Ask them to support this bill that informs citizens about their RIGHTS regarding photo-enforcement citations. Now, do me a big favor & SHARE this everywhere! The best tool we have is being able to educate people... Even if they don't want you to know the law, you have a right to know it. So help me make sure everyone sees this. -Andy Holt
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