Northbound on 6, entering the town.

Riesel, TexasJan 13, 20152 Comments

I’m honestly surprised people are still getting pulled over in this spot. I was on my way home from College Station not even 15 minutes ago, when a car Flys past me at upwards of 65, at the point where it hits 55 and I immediately thought, “enjoy you’re ticket.” Sure enough, he hit the top of the hill and Riegel’s finest let into action. I’ve been driving CS to Waco for a long long time now and of all the towns the was always the most predictable trap the entire route. The thing is, it’s not like they drop from 75 to 55 in zero seconds flat. As you enter Riesel, it gives you a “speed limit dropping” warning and plenty of time before it actually does drop to 55. At that point, you’ve had time to prepare, and if you’re not down to it by the time you hit the hill, which is admittedly ever so conveniently close to this sign, it’s your fault. The cities you should be worried about are Calvert and Hearne, not quiet ole Riesel.

Yes Riesel is a speed trap. In fact it is more than a speed trap, it is an employment disqualifier trap. Dropping down from 75 mph to 55 mph then to 45 mph within the time it takes you to slow down is absurd...especially when you have a commercial driver's license but driving a 4 door passenger size car. Whst dies this means that going above 15mph over theposted speed TRAP limit will get u reprimanded, terminated, or even without the ability to get a job with your CDL. Thanks Riesel's finest!
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You are Right ! BUT only if you drive this road regularly. THIS IS A SPEED TRAP !!!! for all those other unsuspecting drivers that pass through here. I suspect you are Family to these Officers in Riesel TX, by the way you are defending them. Riesel TX needs another way to fund this small town !!! Low Down and Dirty Bandits !
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