Riesel, Texas Speed Traps

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City limits of Riesel on Highway 6

Riesel, TexasFeb 03, 20200 Comments

They love to hide out in the school zones

North bound on Hwy. 6 coming into Riesel

Riesel, TexasAug 04, 20150 Comments

Speed limit drops from 70 to 55 to 45 in a short distance. Had my cruise set on 63 when I saw the signs. Put my thumb on the coast button and was slowing down when the red lights came on. At this point I was going 57 or 59 miles an hour and still slowing down. The cop said I was doing 71 in a 55. My truck is a 1991 F150. It’s top end is 85 miles an hour. The truck rattles and makes a lot of noise. I have never driven this vehicle over 70. I tried explaining this to the cop and got nowhere. My ticket will be $217.00. Yes, Riesel is a big speed trap.

At top of the hill on highway 90 North just before Riesel,TX

Riesel, TexasJun 30, 20150 Comments

As you enter Riesel, Tx., the speed limit drops from 75 to 55. There are signs, but you have to really pay attention because there is a hill just after the 55 mph sign and the officer is parked on the right just under a tree just after the hill. So, you really need to brake since there is little distance after the sign and before the hill. There is also a traffic light just over the hill. For safety, the signs should be enlarged and moved or an additional sign should be placed 50 to 100 yards before the current position of the 55 mph sign to give motorist more time to slow down. Flashing Yellow Lights warning of an up coming traffic light is also a good idea. Safety first.

Northbound on 6, entering the town.

Riesel, TexasJan 13, 20152 Comments

I’m honestly surprised people are still getting pulled over in this spot. I was on my way home from College Station not even 15 minutes ago, when a car Flys past me at upwards of 65, at the point where it hits 55 and I immediately thought, “enjoy you’re ticket.” Sure enough, he hit the top of the hill and Riegel’s finest let into action. I’ve been driving CS to Waco for a long long time now and of all the towns the was always the most predictable trap the entire route. The thing is, it’s not like they drop from 75 to 55 in zero seconds flat. As you enter Riesel, it gives you a “speed limit dropping” warning and plenty of time before it actually does drop to 55. At that point, you’ve had time to prepare, and if you’re not down to it by the time you hit the hill, which is admittedly ever so conveniently close to this sign, it’s your fault. The cities you should be worried about are Calvert and Hearne, not quiet ole Riesel.

North bound Hwy 6

Riesel, TexasOct 03, 20141 Comments

New twist on previous entries. Police vehicle with flashing lights on right shoulder behind a car. No people visible at the scene. Speed limit that was 45 goes to 35. While slowing because of speed limit signs, pass the “police” car staying in right lane. Within 75 yards or so, another police car pulls in behind me with lights flashing. Officer approaches passenger side of vehicle and wants to know why I didn’t “vacate the lane and slow down while passing an emergency vehicle”. I am from Louisiana and had no clue what vacating a lane meant. Officer gave me a ticket that says I was going 45 in a 35 zone and some mumbo jumbo about the lane, but the ticket doesn’t say vacating a lane. Also said this vacating the lane is a state law. Interesting that the officer watched at least 20 other vehicles fail to slow down and vacate the lane around us, but when he let me leave, he made a U-turn and headed back, apparently to his hiding place. Great place to avoid. Thanks for making the first vacation I have had in years such a memorable event. Won’t be coming this way ever again.

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