Northside Drive near Green Street

Warner Robins, GeorgiaAug 20, 20050 Comments

I received a speeding ticket on Northside Drive back around 2002 for speeding in a school zone. Problem is, the school zone is marked on MY side of the road a block further down the road and closer to the school than on the opposite side of the road. The motorcycle cop was sitting right beside the sign on the opposite side of the road and the sign saying "end of school zone" was facing away from me, so I could not even see it. The sign saying "school zone" on my side of the road was much further down. He pulled out behind the truck that was behind me and followed us until we reached the school. When I pulled into the parking lot, he pulled in behind me and gave me a ticket for speeding in a school zone. I will admit that I was going 42 in a 35 but I was not going 42 in a 25 mph school zone which is what he ticketed me with. I was told that I could go to court and argue my side but who would have believed me over a police officer? He put on the ticket that he pulled me over on Northside Drive near Cherry Avenue, which is directly across the street and no judge in the land would have believed me. By the time I had reached the school zone sign on my side of the road I had slowed down to 25 and I was not speeding. It’s a racket, a trick with the signs in 2 totally separate places, and people get tickets on that road ALL the time. I just paid the fine and leFort

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