On Harrison Ave. & Marconi going toward Lakeview

New Orleans, LouisianaApr 15, 20112 Comments

When you are driving down Wisner where the speed limit is 40 MPH and you turn to go through City Park, there is not a single speed limit sign posted the entire route to Marconi. Then, all of the sudden as you come over the bridge at scout island, you come upon a camera ready to catch you with the only speed limit sign posted at the camera for 25 MPH! Luckily it is also at a red light, so I was already slowing down to stop, but I have stopped taking this way all together. I always thought it was 35. Be careful!

Are you mistaken it should be on Canal Blvd going toward Harrison, should be about 2000-3000 ft before Harrison Ave redlight, I seen alot of people got their snap last 2 months. But this two months I always keep an eye on people speeding through that speed trap but I haven't seen it snap for this pass two months. maybe it's still work but the flasher is bad on both ways? to be safe I still going slow over it, but it seems many people speed through it... as I drive by this speed trap about 3x a day.
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I have received two speeding tickets for going "1 to 9" mph over the speed limit at Harrison and Marconi. These are $75 tickets each! Like the person making the comment above, I have never seen any speed limit posted. I was going about 30 mph, thinking the speed limit was 35! $150 is a lot of money to me right now (about two days pay with the way business is going right now). I will never go that way again and I will warn everyone I can on FB. I work in the French Quarter and live just on the other side of city park. I have customers in every state and in 15 other countries and spend every day promoting New Orleans. This makes me feel like telling everyone not to visit because I know the parking ticket laws are just as unfair and there's never anything posted about those rules either.
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