On State Route 41 west of Springfield in Clark County

North Hampton, OhioSep 01, 20002 Comments

North Hampton is a small rural community of around 700 population. State Route 41 runs through the Village from one end to the other. 35 MPH signs are posted on either end of the Village in what are legal 50 MPH zones. For years the Village has been vigorously enforcing the 35 MPH speed limit, knowing the signs were incorrect.

At one time this small village had upwards of twelve enforcement personnel and two cruisers with the most modern gadgets, including video taping equipment. Both the Mayor and former Police Chief admitted that the revenue from traffic tickets was a major source of income for the Village.

Arrest patterns have been very predictable, with most violations being listed as 11 MPH over the posted limit and as having occured exactly at the address of the Village Office building. "Violators" are usually followed two to three miles outside the Corporation limits before being stopped. Non-local drivers and especially the proverbial little old lady have been prime targets.

Local residents and businessmen became so concerned about the excessive enforcement and the effect it was having, that they formed an organization known as The North Hampton Speed Trap Association and erected lighted warning signs outside the Village. This organization has also filed a class action lawsuit in the Clark County Common Pleas Court, seeking repayment of the illegally collected fines.

The Village claims to no longer be enforcing the improper speed limits, however the 35 MPH signs continue to remain in place. Motorists are cautioned to be very cautious when passing through North Hampton or to seek alternate routes.

Yes this is all true. also, they love to hide behind a 2 picket fence at the edge of town. this fence has absolutely no use except to hide the officer from view. the fence is white, wood slats, two sections long (about feet long). This place is so bad if you go thru this town under the speed limit they will race out behind you and ride about 1-2 inches from the back of your car to get you to speed up. I go thru this town 2 times a day to go to work and they tail me inches from my rear about 3 times a week, especially if i am going home late from work. Oh, dont even think about driving to slow. They have pulled me over for going 20 miles an hour saying i was going to slow. I told them i wanted to make sure to not speed as i have a mechanical speed odometer (could be off) and dont want to get a ticket for speeding so I made sure I was driving slow. Now I go thru town at 10-15 and smile every time I go by. Beware, they have an officer giving tickets like 23 hours of every day and their courts are packed weekly with 50-100 tickets written a week. If there ever was a speed trap this has to be the worst in the United States of America.
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i was going thru one early morning, minding my speed, got pulled over anyway, cop said my trailer hitch ball was too high and he couldn't read the plate. avoid this place at all costs. there are very few businesses there, wonder why?
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