Pacific Coast Highway at Webb Way/Civic Center

Malibu, CaliforniaJul 10, 20112 Comments

You top a hill eastbound (toward L.A. from Oxnard) and find yourself heading down toward an intersection. All the cars you’ve been cruising along with are suddenly braking for a red light and you see the county sheriff on a motorcycle on the right. If you’re the one he’s focused on you get a ticket. Oddly, he asked if I knew the speed limit and I said I assumed it was probably around 45. Right, he said, and told me I was going 61 miles per hour. In another speed trap posting for a spot just a few miles up the coast, the poster says "the officer writes the ticket for 16mph over the limit." Hmmm.

I did see something in an article about speed limits in Malibu where a local official said tickets had to be at least 11mph over the limit for them to stick. Maybe it’s been increased to 16? In any case, wouldn’t it be nice if they had one of those "Your speed is…" electronic signs here to warn people rather than a money mill? I know I always pay attention to those monitors. I saw one just a few moments after I got the ticket, and another driver getting a ticket as well. Funny how many truly dangerous drivers I see on our highways every day obviously not getting tickets while they sit and pick you off for going with the flow in places like Malibu.

I had the same exact experience, including the cop asking me what the speed limit was. There was a sign I hadn't passed yet - in front of me - that said 45, but I was sure I hadn't seen a 45 sign before that one. So I told him I saw the sign but that I had been driving on a country road when he supposedly clocked me. He claimed the limit had been the same for the last blah blah miles. I didn't know what the speed limit was behind me, so I didn't argue. A week later, though, going the other way, I checked it and it's 50. Not 45. 50. So the speed he claimed I was going, 61, which is apparently what they always say, was only 11 mph over the speed limit. This is important, because my ticket said I was going 61 in a 45 zone, 16 mph over the speed limit. The point is that the ticket is a lie that puts me into a higher fine bracket - a lot higher.
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Actually, the 45 mph speed limit starts at Malibu Canyon Road, one mile west of Webb Way. So when you come to the speed trap you are in a 45 mph zone. It seems illogical on a Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m. with no traffic on the road, and it's easy not to notice. But there you have it.
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