Malibu, California Speed Traps

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PCH in Malibu

Malibu, CaliforniaSep 04, 20110 Comments

The entire highway is coated with "beach patrol" cops who have nothing to do on the beaches, so they sit on their radar guns. Enforcement is also heavy for drunks, as several children have been killed. Residents are urged by the city to "Report Drunk Drivers Call 911" and the sheriff is all over the place. The city has even paid to bring in extra CHP officers! There are a whole bunch of pesky "you are going XX mph" signs. People insist on driving at the speed limit the whole way, causing others who are better judges of their own capabilities to back up. AVOID SPEEDING ON PCH, the whole thing is a trap!

Pacific Coast Highway at Webb Way/Civic Center

Malibu, CaliforniaJul 10, 20112 Comments

You top a hill eastbound (toward L.A. from Oxnard) and find yourself heading down toward an intersection. All the cars you’ve been cruising along with are suddenly braking for a red light and you see the county sheriff on a motorcycle on the right. If you’re the one he’s focused on you get a ticket. Oddly, he asked if I knew the speed limit and I said I assumed it was probably around 45. Right, he said, and told me I was going 61 miles per hour. In another speed trap posting for a spot just a few miles up the coast, the poster says "the officer writes the ticket for 16mph over the limit." Hmmm.

I did see something in an article about speed limits in Malibu where a local official said tickets had to be at least 11mph over the limit for them to stick. Maybe it’s been increased to 16? In any case, wouldn’t it be nice if they had one of those "Your speed is…" electronic signs here to warn people rather than a money mill? I know I always pay attention to those monitors. I saw one just a few moments after I got the ticket, and another driver getting a ticket as well. Funny how many truly dangerous drivers I see on our highways every day obviously not getting tickets while they sit and pick you off for going with the flow in places like Malibu.

Geofferys Malibu parking lot

Malibu, CaliforniaFeb 25, 20110 Comments

Officer sits in the restaurant parking lot waiting for people with dark skin to go by. When officer sees people with dark skin, they pull them over and issue speeding tickets. Officer writes the ticket for 16 mile/hour over the limit.

Avoid Highway 1 from Malibu to Santa Monica

Malibu, CaliforniaFeb 23, 20110 Comments

Highway 1 should be avoided from Oxnard to Santa Monica. If you cannot avoid using Highway 1 in this area, then do not drive next to anyone using a cell phone. California Highway Patrol (CHP) parks in the bushes by the side of the road and looks for people using cell phones that are driving erratically. CHP does not issue tickets to cell phone users. CHP does not issue tickets to people that are driving erratically. CHP does not issue tickets to people driving 20MHP under the speed limit with dozens of cars behind them. CHP issues tickets if you speed up to avoid collision with people driving erratically while they are using cell phones in traffic. The ticket that is issued for avoiding a collision is over $1000.

At the stop light on Malibu Canyon Road at Pepperdine

Malibu, CaliforniaMar 12, 20102 Comments

Stop light is posted not to turn towards Malibu before 9AM. A-lot of people get tickets here because there is always a patrol car between 8-9AM out of site waiting for someone to make a mistake. And they will cite you if it’s 8:59 AM!

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