Prosperity Road near South of HH Highway

Carterville, MissouriNov 20, 20060 Comments

The only reasonable explanation for the annexation of the area around Highway HH and AA(Prosperity Road) is to continue writing tickets along Highway AA as there is precious little taxable property there. They used to write them out of their jurisdiction and they were easy to get tossed if you went to their otherwise Kangaroo Court. Now that it’s in Carterville they can legally write along that stretch. Like many small towns in MO, they will always ask to search your vehicle. If you refuse they’ll hassle you and try to shame you into it with comments like, "In days like this, everyone needs to make sacrifices." or "If you have nothing to hide, why can’t we have a look?" Don’t let them! They will let you go on your way unmolested but may delay you while they try to locate a drug dog (they don’t have one and Jasper County usually is slow to respond.)

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