Carterville, Missouri Speed Traps

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Right on the curv at the city limit sign

Carterville, MissouriOct 04, 20100 Comments

They are starting to set up a check point right here with webb city i was stoped at it a few nights ago.

School Zone

Carterville, MissouriSep 27, 20100 Comments

If you happen to be coming through carterville when the school zone lights come on and are in between them when they do, you could be met at the other end by one of Carterville’s finest. They have a zero tolerance policy on this and they take advantage of it whenever they can. The times when the lights come on are conveniently not posted on the signs.

Between Carterville and Webb City on old route 66

Carterville, MissouriSep 10, 20100 Comments

This stretch of road is between Carterville and Webb City where all the chat piles used to be. It has a railroad track that crosses it. Part of this road is in Webb City city limits, and the other part is in Carterville. Roughly half and half. The speed limit changes from only 30 to 25, but they sit on the Carterville side of the city limit sign and wait for you to cross over. 30 is pretty slow even on that road so if you’re speeding just a little like 35, you cross that Carterville city limit sign, and you are busted for going 10 miles over the speed limit. One of the cops even admitted that is was a speed trap when I got pulled over! Look out. And that other poster who said they will harass you…YES THEY WILL-EVERY CHANCE THEY GET!

Prosperity Road near South of HH Highway

Carterville, MissouriNov 20, 20060 Comments

The only reasonable explanation for the annexation of the area around Highway HH and AA(Prosperity Road) is to continue writing tickets along Highway AA as there is precious little taxable property there. They used to write them out of their jurisdiction and they were easy to get tossed if you went to their otherwise Kangaroo Court. Now that it’s in Carterville they can legally write along that stretch. Like many small towns in MO, they will always ask to search your vehicle. If you refuse they’ll hassle you and try to shame you into it with comments like, "In days like this, everyone needs to make sacrifices." or "If you have nothing to hide, why can’t we have a look?" Don’t let them! They will let you go on your way unmolested but may delay you while they try to locate a drug dog (they don’t have one and Jasper County usually is slow to respond.)

US Highway 171 near State Highway HH

Carterville, MissouriMar 19, 20060 Comments

Watch out people Carterville PD is watching US 171 between Carthage and Webb City they love the 70mph speed limit. I have seen the many of times stop people inside the city limits of Webb City.

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