Railway at Irving Park Road Crossing

Wood Dale, IllinoisApr 15, 20093 Comments

Railway crossing at Irving Park Road and RR crossing. Camera and crossing gate are not co-ordinated. I got ripped off for $375.00. Its all about money. hang on to your wallets.

We got a ticket in the mail for $250.00. We were heading west on Irving Park Road and came to the WoodDale Road railroad crossing; the camera flashed AS the audible signal went off and the gate started to come down--NO ONE could have stopped that quickly! We are presumed guilty and fined by a machine which is preset to ticket you if you happen to be the one there when it "goes off"! Our only solution is to go another route and avoid WoodDale.
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I totally agree, this is a scamera setup. I also have one of these railroad citations. My "red time" was 3.4 SECONDS, and they say the limit is 3 seconds. In the pictures, the gates are NOT in motion. Speed limit was 30, and they say I was doing a blistering 31. I would have had to react instantly and stand on the brakes to stop in time, an obviously unsafe choice. In contacting Wooddale, they say that compared to 1995, the camera has caused train/auto accidents to plummet from 13 to zero. This ignores the fact that this crossing was significantly renovated in the years between 95 and 2013. Oh, gee, they didn't know I used to work right there. Wooddale says that the 3 seconds was determined from the traffic timing of yellow lights...well too bad the RR crossings dont seem to have that extra yellow warning time! Hugely steep fee, too, at $250. I'd rather throw the money at a lawyer rather than this crooked town. I also agree, if these towns want to rob us, the least we can do is never spend a dime again in that town. By and by the easy extortion money will not look so great. I will be using a new route effective immediately.
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Wood Dale Railway crossing at Irving Park Road and RR crossing. Same scamera and trap. 250.00 fine. What in the world. How can they do this to people? I watched my video and can not believe how stupid this is. When you see the lights come on and my vehicle go through the RR crossing just as the gate comes down. Now I understand that you stop, but if you are driving at 30 MPH and with no yellow warning light that changes to red. I feel that I have been screwed. This violation is bull *#**. Way to go Wood Dale. Stop patronizing Wood Dale. I could understand a $100.00 fine but $250.00 is ridiculous. Sending people to the poor house is in humane. Who ever voted this fine and camera in should be terminated and may they have seven years bad luck!!!!
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