River Road (Exit 45 on Rte 93), East of Rte 93, Between Federal Street and Riverside Drive

Andover, MassachusettsJun 01, 20000 Comments

The Andover PD regularly hides in private residence driveways on River Road and uses Radar to catch unwary drivers, especially vehicles exiting Rte 93 and proceeding Eastbound on River Road. The APD have brand new (6 months) radar units that have highly simplified controls. The officers typically have only about 8 total hours of formal training with radar equipment, and no regular retraining. It is apparent from the manner of use of their radar, that the APD officers know next to nothing about the proper use of the equipment. They take readings through chain link fences, in snow/rain storms, on curved roads, etc. all proscribed practices for traffic radar. The APD gets away with this sloppy practice very successfully as evidenced by the statistics posted on their web site. And the Lawrence district court actively discourages individual efforts to fight a ticket. The court will not allow a defendant sufficient time to lay the foundation for an effective defence; if you can’t say it all in 5-10 minutes, too bad. And, don’t depend on Mass General Law 66:10 to obtain records in that court, they don’t recognize that statute as having jurisdiction over the kind of records that pertain to traffic tickets, officer training records, radar maintenance records, etc. If you need records, go to the court clerk’s office and get a suponea issued. One last word of advice: technical defences don’t go over well in Lawrence District Court unless you can substantiate every single point (and I am assuming that you can somehow get the court to allow you do what you need to do in order to defend yourself).

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