Roberts Road near 95th Street

Hickory Hills, IllinoisJun 04, 20081 Comments

Brand new photo enforcement of red light. Problem is, you get a ticket in the mail for a legal turn on red. There are No Turn On Red signs posted with an additional sign that reads When Pedestrians are Present. Can probably beat the ticket with a photo, but you will get a ticket for a legal right turn on red. Just a hassle people don’t need to deal with.

I received a ticket for a turn on red a few months ago. I was planning on contesting it, for the same reason you've stated. But, in the first paragraph on the back of the ticket, it stated three possible reasons for receiving the ticket. One of them stated that a complete stop was not made for a legal right turn on red. I looked up my violation video on the website, and sure enough, I didn't stop at all. So, that is the reason people are getting tickets for their legal turn at that light. It's really ridiculous ~ $100 down the drain for something so stupid. I suggest checking the video on the website to see if you had made a complete stop, before trying to contest the ticket. They'll make you pay it anyway if you didn't stop completely, so contesting would be a waste of time. They are just so greedy.
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