Route 23 near high school

Rosendale, WisconsinFeb 11, 20111 Comments

WARNING TO OUT-OF-STATE TOURISTS, STAY AWAY!!! 30 mph speed limit 200 yards from 45 mph speed limit sign do not accelerate above 30 until you are well past the 45 mph sign especially if you are from out-of-state Officer Friendly is watching and will be happy to welcome you. He did not stop WI car ahead of me doing the same speed

This is exactly true. I travel through here 2-4 times a year from Minnesota to Fond du Lac. Since my family lives so close, they have told me years ago to NEVER speed in Rosendale, and lucky I have heeded their warning, and never got a ticket. If the cop is not down the street by the school, he will be down one of the other side roads (there aren't many side roads). I think there has only been one time in the past 6 years where I didn't see him. If you stay at or under the speed limit you will be fine. If you are from out of state, don't go a single mile above the speed limit - they will give you a ticket for going as much as TWO miles above the posted limit. They sell T-shirts in the gas stations that mock those that got speeding tickets in this town. Also don't let the people behind you pressure you into going faster. The cops won't do a damn thing about tailgaters, but don't even think about putting that foot on the accelerator - just slow down more for tailgaters to increase your stopping time.
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