Rosendale, Wisconsin Speed Traps

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All of the city

Rosendale, WisconsinNov 19, 20200 Comments

To bypass this town, take 151 around. This will add 3~4 minutes to a much less stressful ride. South bound 41 to 151 south. 151 north to D north then 41 north again. MUCH better.

Along state highway 26, both northbound and southbound.

Rosendale, WisconsinDec 06, 20190 Comments

Watch out while driving through Rosendale, Wisconsin. The speed limit drops from 55 to 30 so quickly you’ll have to apply the brakes to avoid “speeding” into town. There are police set up approximately 100 yards from the posted lower speed limit with radar gun in hand. They aggressively issue tickets for anyone caught in their trap.

Highway 23 westbound aka Division St

Rosendale, WisconsinJun 03, 20190 Comments

The speed limit stays at 30 mph after leaving residential area and entering farm fields as you head out of town. The area around high school is 30 mph but as you drive westbound you can see the 45 mph sign from the high school driveway.

N Main Street entering town

Rosendale, WisconsinJan 11, 20190 Comments

The Chief of Police sits with a radar detector about 10 feet off the road. The speed limit drops from 55 mph to 30 mph in a very short distance.

The same condition’s on the other end of town.

Heading north out of town, W Division St.

Rosendale, WisconsinNov 15, 20170 Comments

As did everyone else, I was caught in this speed trap. I’m from out of town and driving on this highway for the first time was a nightmare. In any 30 minute period, the speed can change up to 5 times, how on earth are you supposed to know what speed you should go? I drive all over my state, and NEVER speed because I’ve had so many close calls with insane drivers almost hitting me. For that reason, I’m also hyper aware and a completely defensive driver. I thought I was driving in a 45 mph zone and was clocked at 44. Apparently, it had changed to a 30 – I must have blinked. Also, in my state, you get 2 warnings that the speed is about to slow down. Nope, not here – just suddenly, it’s now 30!!

Clearly just a money making scheme for the town. Especially as an out of towner, multiple posts and newspaper articles state that they are targets because we can’t come back to go to court. Some of these people were pulled over and ticketed for 1 mph over the speed limit – ridiculous!!! I agree with previous poster, if they are so proud of their reputation of being a speed trap, we should all avoid this town and boycott all the businesses. Let’s see how they feel when they realize they can’t treat tourists and passers through whom they depend on for their livelihood as just wallets for them to subsidize their city budget.

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