Rosendale, Wisconsin Speed Traps

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HWY 23 West near High School

Rosendale, WisconsinJun 22, 20170 Comments

Corruption at it’s finest. Due to your Chief of Police, I’ll now be purchasing a dash cam. See you in court.

Anywhere near the village of Rosendale

Rosendale, WisconsinMay 14, 20153 Comments

The village police dept brags about the dollars in fines that it brings in to fund their department. They will stop you for any violation and no warnings issued.
Very unfriendly to out of state visitors. I hope one day a by pass goes around this place.

North end of town on Hwy 26

Rosendale, WisconsinDec 15, 20140 Comments

This the most commonly known, revenue collecting speed trap in the State of Wisconsin. It is so bad that I would run out of gas before I would shop at a station, or starve before I would stop for food!

westbound 23 to ripon

Rosendale, WisconsinOct 02, 20145 Comments

Squad with radar sitting on eastbound shoulder watches westbound vehicles that pass through speed zones that go from 30 to 45 to 55 MPH in a relatively short stretch. They got us when accelerating through this area by saying that we were not yet out of the 30 zone when we were clocked at 48 (18 over). Hubby lost four points; fine was $125.

Hwy. 26 Heading South toward Waupun

Rosendale, WisconsinOct 02, 20140 Comments

I quit driving this way and avoid this town altogether. I used to drive it several times a week, would gas up and eat there. They don’t hide the fact that they entrap people so I won’t give them any business again. I believe one person owns many businesses in town, if he was decent, he would put pressure on the police force to reduce their revenue grab. In time, the businesses will start to fail. Since Hwy. 151 does the same route, now 4 lanes the whole way, I simply won’t go through the town ever again. The police are always issuing tickets. I finally got one myself, using the passing lanes just south of downtown. 59mph in a 55. The added passing lane is only a couple miles long and I passed several vehicles and was stopped just as the 4 lanes ended. In all honesty, I usually drive 61 in a 55, and I’m always being passed even by police cars. AVOID Rosendale at all cost, it saves you no time to go this route.

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