Route 257, just inside the Ridgetop city limits.

Ridgetop, TennesseeJun 03, 20101 Comments

Traveling east on Route 257, as you approach the Ridgetop city limits, the speed changes from 45 to 30 mph rather abruptly. Also, during the warm months, the 30 mph sign is partially obscured by foliage until you’re right up on it. Ridgetop Police are often backed into Smiley Hollow Road, just inside the city limits. Patrol cars may be present day or night.

Approximately 1/4 mile before the 30mph sign, there is a sign that says, "Reduced Speed Ahead". About 300 yards further along the road is a second sign that says, "Reduced Speed Ahead". Both of these signs are out in the open with no trees, bushes or foliage near by. The 30mph sign is plainly visible year round. The driveway the police park in is on the left about 300 yards past the 30mph sign. The people who live there asked the police to park there and try to slow traffic down so they can get out of their drive. There have been tractor-trailers clocked at 60mph coming out of Ridgetop. This is a residential section of town where people come out of their drive and where small children play in their yard. It never matters about dangerous speeders unless it is in your neighborhood. Tickets are written for more than 12 mph over the posted speed. That means the speeders getting tickets are going at least 43mph in a 30mph zone.
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