Ridgetop, Tennessee Speed Traps

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257, just east of 41S.

Ridgetop, TennesseeJun 21, 20160 Comments

Speed Limit quickly become 30 mph, signs are not well placed. It’s very easy to assume its 35 or 45 on this road. You get over 35mph and they are hiding and waiting for you. I’ve gotten 2 speeding tickets in my life, both have come from Ridgetop PD and I drive everywhere! I am aware of the speed trap, have been warned by many locals about Ridgetop, I drive slowly and carefully through there and yet they still have nailed me the moment I’ve coasted over 35 mph. The fines are high. The speeding tickets, especially for out of towers bring in over $300,000 to this small town. Police are courteous and professional. They don’t want to hassle you, just want your speeding ticket money. Avoid Ridgetop if at all possible.

Underpass entering Goodlettsville, TN via Hwy 41

Ridgetop, TennesseeApr 26, 20161 Comments

At the entry of the city via Hwy 41, Cops sit behind the underpass in the parking lot of small company on the right side of road. The speed changes from 50MPH to 40MPH near the underpass. They clean up here! I am going to repay by the kind city by taking my shopping from Goodlettsville to Springfield, TN. They don’t need my money, they are making tons off of ticket and traffic schools.

The entire town of Ridgetop is a speed trap.

Ridgetop, TennesseeApr 14, 20110 Comments

They sit around waiting for anyone to inadvertently exceed the speed limit.

Route 257, just inside the Ridgetop city limits.

Ridgetop, TennesseeJun 03, 20101 Comments

Traveling east on Route 257, as you approach the Ridgetop city limits, the speed changes from 45 to 30 mph rather abruptly. Also, during the warm months, the 30 mph sign is partially obscured by foliage until you’re right up on it. Ridgetop Police are often backed into Smiley Hollow Road, just inside the city limits. Patrol cars may be present day or night.

On Route 257 just west of Hwy 41

Ridgetop, TennesseeMar 05, 20100 Comments

Speed limit is 30 mph, when you turn off of hwy 41 going west, Ridgetop PD are either in a church parking lot, a driveway of a home right after a tight bend in the road, or in a driveway of a home by Smileys. DO NOT SPEED in this area, they are always there with radars on! These three spots are all within approximately one mile of hwy. 41.

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