S-285 right turnout a mile past CO Rte 8 on-ramp

Morrison, ColoradoMar 27, 20113 Comments

Morrison police haunt the broad turnout on the right where the sharpest curves into the canyon begin. The cruiser is almost hidden by the center retaining wall as you drive uphill, but in daylight you can see the strip of the cruiser’s white roof ahead just peeking above the concrete center wall

At night (and they DO hang there through the wee hours), it’s near impossible to see, and easing off into the upper 40’s mph range is the best approach

This is a tricky one. As you start to enter the canyon, there are signs suddenly reducing the speed limit to 45 mph, but the signs are easy to miss if you are talking to someone in your car. As soon as I realized the road was getting too weavy for 65mph, I slowed. Because of the turns, Fuzzy was invisible until I was right on top of him, and I don't have a radar detector. But Fuzzy didn't care whether I was driving safely or not, he just wanted me for a 19mph over the limit ticket. This spot is a major moneymaker for Morrison; Fuzzy told me he got a guy just before me, for going 29mph over limit (ouch!). 10-19 over is $135, 20-24 over is $195, and 25+ over is $265. If you pay the ticket within 20 days, they knock down the number of points against your license.
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The State of Colorado has set the speed trap for the City of Morrison CO to increase it's revenue by rapidly reducing the speed limit on Hwy 285 at MM 247 from 55 to 45 mph. I was told this to prevent accidents on the curves of "the sixth most dangerous stretch of Hwy in CO". If that is true why doesn't the State, or the City Morrison have a large sign with warning lights stating the warning of the dangerous curves? I-70 and I-25 have these stretches posted to save lives, not to bank roll cash. If it's really that dangerous a road lets make everyone aware of it. You cant't drop ten miles an hour in speed in that short amount of time without being the cause of the accident.
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The speed limit before the 45 is either 50 or 55 and there IS a sign warning that the speed limit will drop to 45 up ahead, so anybody missing that AND the 45 mph sign is not paying attention. There is plenty of time to slow down without being dangerous at the 45 mph sign before you come upon the cops sitting 100 yards ahead. And anyone driving 65 entering the curves is tuly dangerous.
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