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The actual town of Sawyer has extended its city limits to about 1-1/2 mile east of the actual town to about 2-1/2 miles west of the actual town — several years ago. The entire distance is very heavily patrolled. I travel through there twice each day to & from work — I see someone pulled over almost daily and have been stopped myself once. The best thing to do is set your cruise on the limit and make sure you reduce your speed when you come into the actual town itself — it goes from 65 to 55 to 45 in the space of about 1/4 mile or less. There is also road construction on the east side of town where the limit has been reduced to 55 the whole distance. The officer is patrolling that construction area more than usual — in hopes of the "fines are double" law for construction zones. Just because you see an officer on one side of town doesn’t mean the coast is clear — there is often a 2nd officer on the other side of town. Just stay on the limit or less! The officers are usually out in the afternoon/evening but occasionally I see them early in the morning — 6:00 AM — too.

Officer approaches and claims to have video of your speed right off. I was stopped after approaching officer with lights on behind another car. Officer claimed 67 in a 55 on approach. When he return with a ticket, he claimed 68??? I feel certain that I had not been able to accelerate to that speed on my way out of town, especially with the flashing light in front of me behind another stopped vehicle. When questioned to see the video, officer became defensive and accused me of being argumentative and commented that he would make sure the judge knew it. He said judge will sometimes allow you to see the video. I will make that request. I drive to and from work each day through Sawyer and am aware of this trap. The description above is very accurate. Officer said he was protecting workers. In fact, this is more of a hazard for those workers because people are being stopped in an area where there are no shoulders and cars swerve into the other lane to get around the officer vehicle and the vehicle that has been stopped. While waiting for my ticket, I notice every vehicle passing swerve into the on coming traffic lane. It is a frighting place to be stopped.
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I have two relatives that are working in that construction zone. They have told me more than once they have almost been hit by speeding and reckless drivers. I agree the shoulders are short and it is dangerous to get pulled over there, but I would much rather have the officer there than attend a funeral because of the idiots who are not paying attention in the construction zone. The officers should throw the idiots in jail if you ask me! No this is not a speed trap. The officers are just doing their job. I stopped and asked the Chief about the car video's. He said it is department policy for safey reasons that no one is allowed in the police cars. He said if you argue about the speed, the officers will review the car video and if the video shows you are going faster than what they stated, you will get cited for what the video shows. He said you can ask to see the video playback back at the police station, but not while the officer is on the traffic stop. I asked to see a play back video so we went to the police station. He showed me a day's worth of traffic stops. One video showed the front vehicle going 45 and second speed reading showing a car speeding up to the front vehicle at 65 mph. I don't know what type of RADAR they are using, but the video and RADAR must be high tech. All of the stops were 10 mph or more over the speed limit. My advice - pay attention and don't speed 10 mph or more over the posted limit. Oh, the car video's also record everything you are saying.
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