south of 75th Street on Janes Avenue

Woodridge, IllinoisMay 01, 20012 Comments

Sits in different sites, this is a very low zone 20-25 mph and am a large volume of traffic throughout this whole street. There is a school zone also.

This is not a speed trap. I live over there and people fly through this area with no regard for the people or kids that are going to school or live there. I am glad to see the police patrolling the area more. My kids walk to school, so if I should happen to drive them and you are speeding I will pull out and drive slow as heck. How would you feel if someone drove through your subdivision going 30+ MPH in a school zone? Whoever gets a ticket in this area deserves it! Think of someone other than yourself!
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I believe it is a speed trap. Janes ave north of 75th is 30 mph and has a school. Westbound 83rd is also 30 mph and it too has a school. There is no reason that Janes between 75th and 83rd should be 25 miles an hour except in the school zone "when children are present". The road is built similar to 83rd in that it has a turning lane built into the middle and has ample room for safe travel in either direction. The cops sit and wait for speeders in that old parking lot where the doctor's office once stood. They sit back and wait for people who are taunted by the traffic light at 75th. My kids and hundreds of others have walked that same street without incident. And it amazes me how you would suggest you drive "slow as heck" to annoy a speeder. You would seriously put your kids at risk to prove a point? Yes, you should think of someone other than yourself. Your children might be a good start.
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