Southbound on 69

Kiowa, OklahomaJun 17, 20130 Comments

Driving from Northwest Arkansas to Dallas, TX means an extended roadtrip through Oklahoma. Not that we aren’t already pleased to be driving through the beautiful landscape and the luxuriously smooth roads, but once you pass McAlester, you have to reduce your speed through every little town you go through. Pretty standard, signs tell you to slow from 70-65-55-40, and most long distance travelers hit coast and slow down through town. Don’t take these signs for granted though. I was doing a standard slow down, when I noticed a cop car sitting DIRECTLY behind a 40mph sign. I looked at my speedometer and saw I was still going 50 from the previous sign, so even if I had slammed on the breaks I wouldn’t have gotten down to 40 immediately. Two black chargers came racing after me and pulled me over. The officer proceeded to tell me I was driving 55 in a 40, and I said I couldn’t believe that, I knew I was going 50 and started to slow down when I saw the sign. He looked suspiciously through my car with his flashlight, went back to his car, told his buddy, I suppose, that I wasn’t a threat, and his buddy raced off into the distance to get another victim. The officer returned and put 50 in a 40 on the ticket “since I admitted to speeding”, which tells me he had no radar, he was just picking on my Arkansas tags as an out of state driver. Watch your speed here, out of towners, they love to steal money from out of state drivers!!!

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