Kiowa, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Kiowa, OklahomaJul 22, 20210 Comments

Hard to read speed limit sign that drops 20 MHP, in a very short distance. Officers who know this and try to rush through the ticket process knowing most people are out of state and won’t dispute the charge.


Kiowa, OklahomaMar 19, 20190 Comments

I was driving to Tulsa and going 70mph, slowed down when I saw the small town ahead and the 60mph sign. There was light traffic and I was going with traffic. Once I passed the town I got pulled over, he didn’t tell me why he pulled me over, he just asked for my id and ins card. After 5 min, he came back and handed me a citation. I asked him why he pulled me over and he said I was going 52 in a 40 zone. I turned around to look at the signs. The 60mph and 40mph sign was so close together, even if I had saw the sign it would have to brake hard to get it to 40. This town is a joke and so are the cops. If the city was worried about the people crossing the street and getting killed, they should put up a light. What a way to generate money.

600 US 69 Southbound

Kiowa, OklahomaJan 15, 20190 Comments

Several Miles south of town after passing 60 MPH Speed Limit Sign and within a stones throw of the 70 MPH Sign was stopped and issued citation for 56 in a 40 after driving 40 all the way through town. What a joke and just a strong source of revenue for this little podunk town. Someone is getting rich…

Kiowa, Highway 69

Kiowa, OklahomaMay 07, 20180 Comments

Kiowa officer pulled me over miles away from Kiowa. I didn’t see him while driving in the left lane through this tiny city. The officer asked if I saw any speed limit signs and neither me or my friend saw a 40 mph sign. He said I was doing 61 in a 40. He asked if we had anything illegal and we said no. He took my license and registration. I have never had a traffic violation and I was in a state I wasn’t familiar with. When he came back he then made us step out of the car and TOLD us he was gonna search the car. He said if he found anything we could be arrested. He had no reason to search our car and tried to intimidate us. He found nothing but a watermelon which confused him greatly. He gave me a $259 ticket for allegedly speeding. Kiowa targets people from out of state.

800 Hwy 69

Kiowa, OklahomaMar 15, 20180 Comments

My family and I were driving back to Dallas from Sand Springs and the shortest way is through the city of Kiowa. I was being careful with my speed as I had my trailer with my dirt bike and atv. After passing through the business area, an officer pulled me over and asked if I saw the speed limit sign (40 mph). He said I was driving 51 mph. I said that I didnt see the sign and I was following speed of the other drivers. He gave me a $204 ticket!! We had a fun time visiting OK’s state park but because of this, we dont want to go back.

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