St Rt 41 immediate drop from 55 to 35, no warning &huge fine

North Hampton, OhioJul 26, 20131 Comments

Sits right at the edge of this 3 stop sign town to nail people before they can possibly realize they are over. There is no warning that the speed limit is dropping from 55 to 35 and anywhere from 1-20 MPH over is the same $185 fine. There is no chance he will give a warning and with a population of less than 500, the high tech cruisers they have here are obviously paid for through fleecing unsuspecting visitors. Avoid this worthless speed bump town and save some money. There is nothing here worth visiting or supporting.

North Hampton, OH is a notorious speed trap. The village uses the police department as a tax/revenue collection agency instead of a safety / service agency. It is unfortunate that the Republican controlled OH legislature does not do more to control these communities that misuse the safety and traffic laws. Often the outcome is motorists will avoid the these towns as much as possible, thus hurting the local businesses, which then hire less employees, etc... Yes the local community will collect some fines, but when motorists avoid the community, or if they need to drive thru in the future, but avoid spending money at local businesses, then the community is worse off economically. Part of being a business friendly community, is being visitor friendly, even when visitors exceed the speed limit by 10 or 20 mph. Note: many towns have a main street speed limit of 35 or 45 mph. So it is not odd that an otherwise safe driver might travel at those speeds and miss seeing in a 25 mph sign. Often in these situations, records will indicate, the town that is after revenue will have many citations written for 10 to 20 mph over the posted limit. There is nothing wrong with local police stopping and informing motorists of the speed limits - issuing warnings/cautions; checking for OVI or other public safety issues. There are other communities that use automated speed warning devices that show you your speed - next to the posted limit. They operate 24 hours a day and do more to help with safety. Towns that are concerned about safety install them, but towns that are concerned about revenue use speed cameras and local police as revenue collectors.
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