Stahl Road and Judson Road

San Antonio, TexasApr 15, 20114 Comments

A very narrow school zone that drops the speed from 40 down to 20. There are none of the required blinking yellow lights that identify a drop of 15 mph or more. The length of the school zone is about 100 yds. The nearest school is about 6 city blocks up Stahl Road. Approaching from north to south on Judson, the sign is obliterated with other signs and practically impossible to see in time. Approaching from the other way, the sign is right in the middle of a narrow curve and narrow lanes. If you are negotiating the curve with other cars, you will not see the sign. A young motorcycle cop sits there every day from 7am – 9 am. He will nab maybe 10 people in a days work. He sits on the outside of the zone and clocks you just prior to entering the zone. He had been sitting in the Shell driveway, but they asked him to move off their property if he was in the process of giving tickets. The convenience store across the street also asked them to not clock drivers while on their property. There has always been a school crossing at the light, which most people know about. The school zone signs were put up about 6 months ago. If you go through there at 25+ mph you will get nabbed.

??? If the nearest school is 6 blocks up Stahl Road, why is there a school zone there?! This makes zero sense!
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So does anyone know the answer to my question or what?
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This is definitely a speed trap! The signs are small black and white with an even smaller yellow rectangular sign at the top, but the sign is blocked from view by one of the signs indicating there is a curve in the road. The officer stopped me and in response to my statement that there were no signs, he replied that no one sees the signs and then said these signs were a part of a few in the San Antonio area that had no flashing lights. If the police know there are school signs placed where they can't be seen by drivers and are writing an inordinate amount of tickets, wouldn't they be at fault for not remedying the problem and truly protecting the children? Thanks for earlier comments. Let's get rid of speed traps! Its entrapment!
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Definitely a trap! When traveling NW on Judson approaching Stahl, the school zone speed limit is 30 mph. As you turn left, there is no indication that the school zone speed has changed to 20mph. The poor excuse for law enforcement aka Bexar County, sits just over the hill waiting for people going over 20mph. Repeat, there is no notification that the spped limit is 20mph when turning left from Judson onto Stahl!
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