San Antonio, Texas Speed Traps

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Near 1450 Bandara in front of Quill Park

San Antonio, TexasAug 24, 20180 Comments

The speed trap is for the school zone at Woodlawn Hills Elementary in San Antonio. But the school is located about a half mile from the speed trap on another road. Once you past 20, a cop in a motor bike is right there to give you a ticket. The officer was nice to me. But what irritated me is that the school is not even close to the speed trap. So be very careful going down this location during school hours. As soon as I saw the flashing school lights on the sign on the side of the road I began to slow down. But it was too late. For there was the cop, ready to give me a ticket. If the kids have to walk across Bandera to get to the school. a Mother Patrol Officer (MPO) would have been there to make sure they walk across safely. But is almost 9 in the morning and the MPO already left for the morning. But Mr. cop was still there ready to hand out tickets to meet his quota.

Zarzamora Rd @ New Laredo Rd (Hidden School Zone)

San Antonio, TexasJan 12, 20180 Comments

A HIDDEN School Zone on Zarzamora.

I just moved here, it was dark and misting rain at 7:30am. This is a 5-Lane City Street… and I was popped for doing 35 (the normal posted speed-limit) in a 20MPH school zone. One TINY sign half-hidden by a tree, at a faded cross-walk. No Lights, no pre-indicators… Nothing else visible. I was shocked because I am usually FANATICAL about school zones and slowing down!

I’m not denying it happened, but I AM questioning the zone and why it’s not marked MUCH better. It is OBVIOUSLY there to make the city money.
Motorcycle officers hanging out in a parking lot, popping people at a rate of one every 7 minutes. I watched for 30 min. They were having fun.
I went back and obtained both photos and a video because I cannot believe it happened… And is so blatant!

Note: This is NOT for safety, since kids cannot cross there anyway!

Uhr Lane from Thousand Oaks to Higgins (zip code 78217)

San Antonio, TexasAug 30, 20170 Comments

Revenue Raiser Motorcycle cop hides around corners at stop signs, along the road and patrols up and down Uhr Lane. The normal flow of traffic tends to do 40-50 mph but its strangely or unjustly posted at 30 mph so its a cop kid in a free candy store there. They say to stay off that road in the afternoons unless you have a good radar detector or are willing to drive 30 and anger the normal drivers

1604 access roads between Braun and Bandera

San Antonio, TexasJul 21, 20160 Comments

Access roads were originally 60mph, before construction, and have since fluctuated between 45mph, 65mph, and now 40mph. As of the time of this writing, there are no visible ‘work zone’ indicators along this stretch, and the road is clearly designed for speeds far exceeding 40mph. There’s usually a cop sitting there just before the on-ramp (where people are expected to accelerate onto the freeway), and cannot be seen until it’s too late.

Note: Based on first hand experience, and continued observations, these cops are NOT there to enforce the speed limit for reasons of public safety. Their turn around times between stops are incredibly short. They’re milking that gold mine for revenue, before TXDOT receives enough complaints and corrects it.

O’Connor Rd. going towards I-35.

San Antonio, TexasJun 09, 20160 Comments

When going on O’Connor Rd. to I-35, on weekdays between 11:00 and 12:30, is a Bexar County Constable hiding in the Chuch of Christ parking lot, usually pulls over like two or three cars a day.

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