State Highway 106 near US Highway 31/55

Georgiana, AlabamaMar 27, 20061 Comments

Beware if you’re getting off Interstate 65 to hit US 55 South. There’s about 5 miles in between–that’s Highway 106. It goes right through Georgiana. The speed limit unnecessarily drops to 35, which is unfortunate because: 1) Once you’ve been driving 70mph for a few hours, it’s hard to go 35mpg, and 2) this road has a big hill. It’s hard to climb the hill at 35mph, and once you top the hill, you have to ride your brakes all the way down. The city of Georgiana doesn’t have a very big patrol staff, but you can usually count 1-3 patrol cars in this area. Sometimes they’re actually patrolling, other times you can find them hiding in bank and funeral home parking lots or behind bushes. Sometimes they will pull onto the road right behind you and follow you very closely, enticing you to speed up. Very intimidating.

Agreed, there is no question about this being a speed trap. They may not be paving he highway with this kind of revenue, but they know it's a speed trap. I received a ticket here ( I travel this way 10-15 times a year) While getting my children squared away after the cop left, I watched them hand out another two tickets. That's 3 tickets in 10 minutes with two cars working. Obviously if they need to do a better job posting the speed limit or adjust it by 10 MPH. It's not a drag strip, they shouldnt be able to write tickets in that quantity. Long story short, speed trap in Georgiana
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