State Highway 19

Summersville, West VirginiaJan 01, 20071 Comments

Be very, very careful from the outskits of Summersville until you are outside the town limits. Do Not contribute one red cent to this community; they get more than they’ll ever need in speeding tickets. The speed limit changes drastically near the junior high school and the most notorious area is a hill near Burger King.

Yes. Summersville, WV has numberous police posted (speed traps?) from a mile before the first red light till the last red light. Numberous mayors and city supports have contested that it's not a trap because it's well marked and it is. The reason that it's not a speed trap is because of the history of traffic accidents of rt. 19 in Summersville that continue to Mt. Hope. I personally have lost 30 of my classmates to tragedies on rt. 19 before the "speed trap" was put in place to fix the problem. The intent of the speed zones is not a money issue, it's a safety issue. Roads should go where people are. When 19 was being updated from being as rough and curvy as the Blue Ridge park way, money was taken away from the project to make the road currectly. It took almost 30 years to make this heavily traveled road a 4 lane from Sutton to Beckley. That money was diverted to build Rt. 79 so that traffic and money could be diverted to Charleston. If you follow 79 then 77 from Sutton to Beckley you've wasted 2 hrs. However if you want a better road to ride on for an extra 2hrs. by all means take the road less traveled by. 19 is the shortest route south. They built 79 where there are next to no people in Clay County. They weren't serving the people who elected them. Instead of putting in well needed overpasses on 19, they put in red lights on a 4 lane highway. Many have died because of that decision. Rt. 19 carries enough traffic that should afford it to be built correctly. Could you imagine driving west on interstate 40 going 70 mph for a day and all of a sudden without getting off of the main road you come upon a red light somewhere in Arkansas. Podunk and dangerous? To say the least. WV! Fix 19. You owe it to the Men, women, and children who've paid the ultimate price because of the lack of forsight or conscience of our legislators of the past.
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