State Highway #19, northbound at city limits

Summersville, West VirginiaApr 01, 20010 Comments

At intersection at bottom of hill, after you enter city limits,unmarked Crown Vic is parked. As you come down hill, limit changes from 55 MPH to 50MPH without any previous notice. The light is generally green or changes from red to green as you proceed down the hill. Seem to focus on out of state or out of country vehicles. Four cars pulled over at the same time. Marked vehicles move slowly up and down the highway and as you approach, at the prescribed speed, they wave you over. They suggest you were substantially over the limit and ‘benevolently’ offer to reduce the speed shown on the ticket. I am from Ontario and they had first hand knowledge of the point at which you could lose points on your license and reduced the speed to 1 MPH below that point. This is truly a scam given my cruise control was on the prescribed speed. To fight the ticket in court, they set a trial date two weeks after the supposed infraction, and it is unlikely anyone would make the return trip in order to challenge the charge. So it is nothing short of a legalized money grab. WATCH OUT!!

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