State Highway 20 near Mile Marker MPM39.00

Ukiah, CaliforniaJul 17, 20063 Comments

SR-20, Buffalo Ranch, After Lake Mendocino, moving toward Upper Lake. This is a route with varied speeds, mostly 55MPH. The road is clearly in the open on a long downgrade. The patrolman was in a group of cars going up the hill, hidden, picking off cars with radar. It’s easy to drift over the 55 MPH limit if you are not very careful.

It is the year 2010 and YES Highway 20 near the buffalo Rance and Lake Mendocino is still a speed trap. I live on that stretch of road and between 2006 and 2010 there have been many deaths in automobile accidents in that area. I wouldn't think of speeding in that area. Its dangerous and deadly! I think the Highway patrol is trying to save lives and I recommend that everyone that is traveling highway 20 drive within the speed limit and watch out for the careless drivers
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Stopped by CHP at MP 42.78 Westbound on SR-20 near Clearlake. One six percent slope warning sign. Your vehicle will pick up speed without any effort on your part. Be alert!! CHP will be waiting for you at the bottom of this steep hill in plain sight on the left. Nailed for 72 in a 55.
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The dear wife and mother of my cousins children was killed in a head on at the straight near the buffalo ranch a few years ago. There is a lot of testosterone and mentally challenged drivers traveling this highway. Beware.
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