State Highway 301, just outside of Waldo near US Highway 221

Bradford, FloridaMar 01, 20062 Comments

Officer in unmarked car on opposite corner of the crossroads. If you are stopped at the light, the next speed limit sign, just a few hundred yards ahead, is 65 mph. I was given a ticket for doing 65 in a 55 when I was less than 125 feet from the sign (I had accelerated, on CRUISE CONTROL, away from the light). I will be fighting this ticket, but since this is an area infamous for its speedtraps and dishonest courts, I don’t pretend to think I’ll win….

If you obey the speed limit, this is not a speed trap. If you go from 0 mph to 65 mph in 125 ft, you are drag racing.
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Was it written as being in city limits? If so, were you? the florida statutes are very specific about being in county or municipality. Lots of regs on radar logging and certification and usage. I believe you must be clocked for 1/4 mile to confirm your speed is not changing before logging the actual speed reading. I would make use of the public records statutes.
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