State Highway 36 near FM 1093

Wallis, TexasJan 15, 20082 Comments

This area is not a speed trap by legal terms since it is well marked, this is just a informatory entry that you need to take heed to the signs and slow down because if you do not live in this town they will ticket you. City police usually sit on the north side of town just after the final speed drop to 35 but the entire are is potrolled by Sheriff’s department as well.
NOTE: This city does not employ any officers for traffic on the weekends,on-call only, and Austin County Sheriff rarely patrols here on weekends.

This city IS NOT a speed trap and the officers do not target "out of towners" The fact of the matter is the speed limit is 35 for a reason. If you don't want a ticket simply slow down!
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This IS a speed trap and the officers DO target EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. This city perpetually runs radar in shifts five days a week. As soon as I get the % of income revenue by speeding citations, I'll list that too. I'll tell you, the Chronicle rated Wallis as number 5 for the all time biggest speed traps in Texas.
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