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Auburn, GeorgiaJun 21, 20085 Comments

Auburn city police write hundreds of tickets a week for any speeds over 45 miles an hour through the city. They prey on out of towners especially. They have solved no crimes in the city in 10 years other than traffic citations. The judge loves to fine people, and tell them how fierce the law is here…lmfao!…BEWARE of this town!

This posting is way out dated, but deserves rebuttal. Hwy 8/29 speed limit is 45MPH. State Law requires an allowance of 10 mph over the speed limit before a speeding ticket can be written with use of stationary radar. 45 MPH is the maximum speed limit. If you are over that, then you are breaking the law. That isn't a speed trap when you're breaking the law.
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I have lived in Barrow County for over 20 years. I drive through Auburn almost daily and as a matter of practice, I usually run 5-8 MPH over the posted speed limit, except in school and residential districts. This includes when police are present and using radar. I have never been stopped for speeding in Auburn or Barrow County, even when I passed the radar at 5-8 MPH over the posted speed limit.
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I got stopped here twice within a month. First time, I didn't realize the speed limit on Hwy 8 dropped from 55mph at Hwy 316 down to 45 mph, then down to 35mph in downtown Auburn! 2nd time I was definitely aware and was going slower. I was behind a line of about 5 cars, we were all going along at the same speed. Since I was at the end of the line, I was the lucky one stopped. I was not looking at my speedometer when I saw the blue lights. Wish I had been! I was DEFINITELY not going 55 mph. This was when I worked in Carl - everyone I worked with said they'd been stopped or knew someone that had been stopped in Auburn before. I just quit driving through Auburn altogether. The 2nd ticket was a ridiculous $200 fine!!!! STAY OUT OF AUBURN.
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The speed limit on Highway 8 is 45 from Hwy 316 all the way through Dacula, and increases to 55 as you leave the Dacula city limits. It is 55 MPH for about 3 miles until it drops drops from 55 back to 45 on the West side of the Auburn, about 3/4 mile after entering the city limits. It remains 45 MPH all the way through the city until you leave the next town of CArl. There is no 35 MPH speed limit on Highway 8 inside the city limits of Auburn, except in the school zone when school children are present.
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The entire town is a speed trap. Ive been pulled over twice there. I fought the ticket both times with legit claims, and both times the judge took the cops word over mine. 1st time the cop was sitting a solid mile inside Gwinnett while clocking people. He couldnt show me how fast I was going but he wrote down that I was going 12 over (i swear on my life i wasnt speeding) which just happens to be the magic number that raises the fine. The judge literally said ive known this man (the cop) for 10 years and I dont think he would lie. 2nd time was when a cop was hiding behind that one billboard that sits at ground level, which is illegal in GA (to not be visible from 500 feet away while clocking people) . The cop showed me that I was going 6 over the limit but wrote down 12 over on the ticket (again the magic number.) Again the judge told me that he didnt think the cop was hiding behind the billboard, which is complete BS because everyone in court that day told the exact same story of the cop hiding behind that same billboard. He went with the number that the cop wrote on the ticket and made me pay the whole thing. Auburn is the most corrupt, good-ole-boy system, speed trap from hell small town ive ever seen. Avoid that place like the plague!
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