State Route 2 near Exit Number 23 and 22

Gardner, MassachusettsDec 20, 20062 Comments

Mostly Mass State Police parked on the grass / median or in the breakdown lane from Westminster through Gardner both east and west. Current speed limit is 45 mph in some areas because of construction that ended over a month ago but the signs are still up it should be 55 mph. This can add up to big money. I see cars pulled over every day so be carefull out there folks.

This particular area is still under construction and will probably be that way for atleast another year. They are repairing two bridges in each direction, the Easterly side is now done and work has just begun on the Westerly side about 2 weeks ago. Whether this is a speed trap area is in question, but I do know that with all the traveling I am doing, cops are using radar in alot of the speedtraps as a revenue raiser. Beware of all speedtraps that are manned by cops. Heading West on Route 2 the cops are in the Gardner area quite regualrly usually between the Route 140 north exit and the very first Gardner exit. They either are sitting in the breakdown lane or there are a coupler of crossovers that the cops and other emergency vehicles use. The Staties love to use them for their speedtrap.
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Sorry for my error in writing my last post. It should read "using radar in constuction sites as revenue raisers and Beware of Construction Sites that are manned by cops, not speedtraps.
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