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Beaver, UtahApr 09, 20022 Comments

Legal posted speed 75 mph. 92 Cadillac on cruise control reached group of slower moving cars and started passing at top of hill double divided highway and speedomete hit 80 just as I saw the trooper car 1000 yards down the road. Pulled in around traffic then was pulled over by highway patro officer. Stated I was clocked at 91 mph. Car speedometer only goes to 85 plus had just checked it out minutes earlier using watch and mileage markers did 1 mile in 45 seconds and previously speedomete had checked out in comparison to the signs on the road showing your moving speed. Officer said he’d reduce to 86 mph so fine was only $75 instead of $150 but know I did not go over 80. Why do they lie?

I travel from the Ogden area to Mesquite NV 1 - 2 times a month and know this section well. I have gone past the Cops 80 - 82 MPH and they have not bothered me. I have a radar dector and nine times out of ten they are there using radar. I suggest you start slowing 10 - 12 miles north of Beaver (just after the I 70 merge area, and do not go over 80. Sometimes they have as many as five patrol cars along this area. Holiday weekends are big. Good luck to all
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This is how they pay for their new cars, some are driving 45,000 dollar cars.
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